Hello and welcome to Cantrick College Advising. College admissions doesn't have to be a mysterious process with an unpredictable result. It shouldn't intimidate nor should it make anyone anxious. When properly managed, the process becomes a stimulating experience with a positive outcome. I look forward to meeting you soon.
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Tim Cantrick has 29 years of college counseling experience in both school and private settings. Over the last three decades he has worked with more than a thousand students from across the spectrum of abilities and aspirations.

During his career, Tim
has visited scores of college campuses and interacted with hundreds of admissions officers. He brings to the process of college counseling
direct knowledge of these institutions as well as an expert's understanding of how each admissions office evaluates applicants.

Over his many years as a college counselor, Tim has counseled a wide range of students giving him a clear understanding of individual personalities and how to match those with the appropriate institutions as the college list is developed. From beginning to end, the counseling process is governed by a deep sensitivity to individual needs, desires, and aspirations.