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You are here probably because you are thinking about college and would like to find out how a college counseling professional might assist you at this time. Cantrick College Advising helps students at all stages of the process. For freshmen and sophomores, services include comprehensive planning—both curricular and extra-curricular—to ensure that the high school years are individually fulfilling as well as a time for developing an impressive profile for college admissions. For juniors and seniors, counseling focuses on the college search process, navigating application details, and helping students present themselves successfully to colleges.
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The mission of Cantrick College Advising is to empower students along the path to college, using an approach that has been developed and refined through twenty nine years of college counseling experience. This approach features four essential components:

EDUCATION I talk at length with students about themselves and their aspirations. By stimulating self-awareness, this part of the process generates insight into needs and priorities. As a result, students move to a higher level of clarity about who they are and where in the universe of colleges they are headed.

INFORMATION Detailed information about target colleges is provided, but I also teach students how to gather information for themselves, since students should be active researchers of college data even as they partner with those who are helping them.

ORGANIZATION As the college counseling process unfolds, I make sure it is tightly organized—moving along in an orderly and timely manner toward the objective of college admissions. In the beginning, a blueprint for the entire process is clearly established. As the process unfolds, advice is provided for each action along the way and all deadlines are met. Given this active management of the process, families know exactly what to do, as well as when and how to complete each action.

PRESENTATION As students apply to college, they are assisted in formulating the most effective presentation. In order to stand out from other highly qualified applicants, students learn how to differentiate themselves by highlighting key messages and then communicating those in a compelling way to the admissions office.

Retaining a counseling professional can be a very smart move when the investment translates into an advantage for the student during the admissions review. But families should know in advance how much value they will receive from such an investment. This Web site is designed to preview for clients the depth of knowledge and level of detail offered across a range of services. By taking the time to browse the many pages shown here, you will get a good feel for my professional expertise developed over decades of experience.

I appreciate your interest in my services. College admissions doesn’t have to be a mysterious process with an unpredictable result. It shouldn’t intimidate nor should it make anyone anxious. When properly managed, it feels more like an adventure. I look forward to meeting you soon.

Sincerely yours,

Tim Cantrick
Cantrick College Advising