“As a parent, I was intimidated by the thought of guiding my child through the college selection process, but Tim Cantrick was really able to make the experience such a smooth transition. My eldest son had such an amazing two years at Pepperdine University that we expected our middle child to follow in his footsteps, and apply to a California school. However, as we began our second college search, Tim's gift for understanding the needs and preferences of each student lead us to the realization that there were many more suitable universities in different parts of the country that would be more to our child's liking. He ended up applying early action to Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas, and we couldn't imagine what it would have been like to not have Tim's knowledge of universities in all parts of the country. It resulted in two perfect matches for my children, and I couldn't be more grateful to him for making the whole process so much less daunting.”
— L. Champion

“It was very reassuring to have Tim Cantrick as our son’s college advisor. Tim’s counseling style, covering everything from beginning to end in an organized and sensitive way, made the process so much easier than it would have been if we had to figure things out for ourselves. We really appreciated his experience and familiarity with the complexities of college counseling and admissions. We also really appreciated how well Tim got to know Alex and what makes him “tick” in the relatively short time that the process encompassed. Tim made sure that Alex was able to home in on, identify, and demonstrate his true essence to admissions officers.”
— T. Zangrillo (son attending University of San Diego)

"Tim Cantrick’s familiarity with colleges at the most competitive level was a great plus when each of our sons went through the process of searching for the right college. He helped us narrow down the field of possibilities to the schools at which they would be happiest, and then assisted with their applications in a way that was instrumental in achieving admission at each one’s first choice."
— M. McIntire (sons attending Carleton College and Williams College)

“We had two children go through the application and admissions process recently. For each one, Tim Cantrick not only provided expert advice about colleges but was also continuously available for discussion about all aspects of the admissions process. Tim responded quickly to all of my emails, and he spent a great deal of time with both boys talking about their applications and essays.”
— C. Cooper (sons attending Wake Forest University and the University of Rochester)

“When our oldest child was searching for a college (our first time through the process), Tim Cantrick immediately tuned in to our son’s needs and aspirations. From there he put together a great list of prospective colleges, many of which we wouldn’t have even considered without his help. In the end our son applied to and enrolled at a college we were completely unfamiliar with, but where he is now extremely happy.”
— R. Bornstein (son attending University of Denver)

"When our daughter was being recruited as a Division I soccer player, Tim Cantrick provided valuable information about the recruiting process, and helped with our interaction with coaches and with the admissions office as they reviewed her application. We really appreciated his help in all of these ways."
— E. Sullivan (daughter attending Miami University of Ohio)

“As a busy professional who travels frequently, I counted on Tim Cantrick to help keep the college counseling process organized and on track. I nevertheless felt it was critical for me to stay involved in my daughter’s search for colleges and with her application to colleges. I really depended upon Tim’s prompt response to my emails and phone calls. Our system of communication worked perfectly, all the pieces fell into place, and now my daughter is at a college she loves.”
— C. Wood (daughter attending University of San Diego)

“We have two sons who are quite different from each other. As college counselor to our older child, Tim Cantrick helped us compile a list of colleges that really matched up with our son’s outlook and aspirations, which is one of the reasons that his application to Brown University succeeded. Tim also displayed his exceptional capacity to understand kids when he advised our younger son (still in high school) about course planning and academic success.”
— T. Gibson-Ullman